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By | December 4, 2015

What Is Trichomoniasis ?

Both men and women can be affected by sexually transmitted diseases (STD). But there are certain diseases which affect women more than men. One such STD is Trichomoniasis. It is not that men do not get affected by this disease. Men too can be infected and pass on the infection to their partners. It is just that women are more vulnerable to this disease. In fact this is the most common curable STD in young sexually active women. Research has estimated that more than 7 million cases surface each year in both men and women.


This disease is caused by a small organism known as Trichomonas vaginalis. This is a parasitic disease. Once infected, it can spread from person to person through sexual contact. This is one of the easily curable diseases. One should just identify the problem and get it solved as soon as possible before causing any further complications.


Signs and Symptoms

Trichomoniasis affects women more than men. In fact men do not even realize the symptoms and do not know until their partners need treatment. However we list herein below the symptoms experienced by both men as well as women.

A) Symptoms Experience By Men :

  • Irritation inside the penis.
  • Burning sensation after urination.
  • Mild discharge from the penis.

B) Symptoms Experienced By Women :

  • It pains greatly when they urinate.
  • Itching sensation in the vagina coupled with irritation.
  • The experience discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • Low abdominal pain is experienced sometimes.

Symptoms do not last long and usually disappear after four weeks of exposure.

Tests :

Once you experience the symptoms of Trichomoniasis, it is always better to consult a doctor. The doctor will have to prescribe a series of tests before confirming the infection so that she may be able to do a proper diagnosis and administering the correct course of treatment.

The tests will include examining your medical history which will naturally include your sexual preferences. These awkward questions will have to be answered. Based on your submissions the doctor will undertake the following tests.

a) A Physical Examination :

In case of women, a visual examination of the genitals, vagina and cervix for detecting the patchy red colored spots that are usually caused by the parasitic infection. Vaginal discharge will be examined for color, texture and odor. A sample would be required for a wet mount test. In case of men, a visual examination of the penis and a sample of the discharge from the urethra or maybe a urine sample would be required.

b) Identification Of The Trich Organism :

  • The wet mount test is the most common test conducted to examine the vaginal discharge. There are alternate tests too which are as follows.
  • The culture test is also done on occasions.
  • Some doctors perform the Antigen detection test that detects trich.
  • One more alternative is the Amplified DNS probe test to detect genetic material of the parasite.
  • Certain doctors conduct the Pap smear test too.


Diagnosis :

Once the results of the tests are laid down on the table, it becomes easy for the doctor to diagnose the problem. A positive presence of the trich parasite confirms the occurrence of the disease. Once the disease is diagnosed correctly the doctor can go ahead with curing the same.

Prognosis :

You should understand the implications of the disease and where it could lead you to. You should note that if left untreated this infection can have the capacity to interfere with your pregnancy plans. In fact you should not ignore any STD as STDs and Infertility have a very deep inter connection.

Prevention :

The good news is that if you take enough care, you can prevent the Trichomoniasis infection. Following the steps mentioned below could prevent the infection from spreading.

  • Never have unprotected sex. You should always use condoms while having sex.
  • It is never advisable for you to have sex with multiple partners. In case you do so, you should limit the number of such partners and should not go back and forth between partners very frequently.
  • Practicing sexual abstinence is the best way to prevent this infection.
  • In case you get affected you are requested to take steps immediately to see a doctor and stop all sexual contacts forthwith.

Contagious :

The infection is contagious but it spreads only through sexual contact. The infection may be transmitted through the saliva, air, cough, fecal-oral route and even through sharing needles and blood transfusions as well. There have been cases where it has been transferred from mother to child during childbirth. The infection does not spread through sharing clothing such as towels or through sharing toilet seats.


Types :

This is a very basic form of a sexually transmitted disease and there is only one form of the infection known as Trichomonas vaginalis infection.

Complications :

Trichomoniasis can cause a lot of complications such as problems during pregnancy. There have been occasions where it has been observed that the infection has spread from mother to child during childbirth. There is always a risk of spreading the infections to others through sexual contact. There are chances that this infection could also result in one acquiring the HIV and subsequently AIDS. In males the T. vaginalis infection can also lead to prostate cancer.

Trichomoniasis Home Remedies

There are many naturally occurring home remedies for Trichomoniasis which can be prepared in any home very easily.

  • Eat yogurt as yogurt promotes good bacteria in the vagina which help to restore the pH balance. You can also drink a lot of buttermilk too.
  • Consume Garlic and Citrus Fruits : Chewing on a chopped clove of garlic everyday could work wonders. Similarly citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C which facilitates the cervix in producing collagen which helps the cervical cells to bind together and thus prevent vaginal infections.
  • Eat Organic Food : Organic food does not contain any harmful fertilizers and hence are good for overall health too.

Treatment :

Doctors usually prescribe “Metronidazole” or “Tinidazole” which can be consumed orally. You should not consume alcohol when you are under medication for Trichomoniasis, wait at least three days after completing the last dose. You should abstain from any sexual activity till you are completely cured.

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