Terms of Use

This Terms of Use page has been created as a legally binding agreement between the users and the owners of this website (Diseaseslab.com) as well as their affiliates with respect to your use of this website. This website will contain information about many different types of diseases and other health-related problems. All the information available on this website is for educational purposes only, and the information or treatment available on this website should never be used to replace the advice, medication or treatment given by a physician or other healthcare professionals.

This website should not be used by people who are below the age of 13. People who are above 13 but below 18 are advised to use this website under supervision of parents or other legal guardian, and they are required to agree with all the provisions of this website.

For using this website, you are required to accept all the provisions of this Terms of Use page in full. If you do not agree with any of the provisions of this page then you are not advised to use this website.

Using this Website

As mentioned above, all the information available on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice provided by a medical professional. If you believe that you are suffering from some serious health-related problem, rather than using the information from this website, you are advised to consult a medical professional. Any damage that might be a result of your reliance on the information of this website will not be borne by us in any way. Every treatment or product available on this website is only for the convenience of our users and we do not endorse them. You need to use such treatments or products at your own risk.

User Submitted Content

You might be able to post your content, comments or feedback on our website. However, it is your own responsibility to post all the contents on our website. If you wish to post anything on this website, make sure that the content is-

  • Created by you or you have the necessary rights to post it on our website.
  • We and other users of the website will have the right to distribute, transmit, publicly display, copy, download or print any of the content you’ve posted on this website, and when we do so, it will not violate any intellectual property rights.
  • Free from virus, malware, spyware, Trojan horses or any other kind of content that is potentially dangerous for our computers and the computers of other users.
  • Free from anything that can be termed as violent, sexual, obscene, lewd, harassing or otherwise objectionable in nature and is not violating our as well as our users’ rights on this website.
  • Completely legal and does not violate any state or federal law.
  • Free from any kind of software, codes or any other material that can affect the functioning of our website.

License of Contribution

Your posting on this website will provide us a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free and worldwide license that will allow us to translate, reformat, edit, modify, publicly display or distribute your content as required by us. We can not only use your content on our website, but can also use it on other digital platforms for marketing purposes.

Restricted Activities

The website is only available for educational purposes and you should not use it for any other purpose. Users are allowed to use this website on the personal level; and its use for commercial purposes, except the ones that have been approved or endorsed by the company is not allowed. The list given below includes, but is not limited to, the activities that are prohibited on this website-

  • Torturous or criminal activity, like fraud, trafficking of materials that are obscene in nature, child pornography, harassment, gambling, drug dealing, spamming, stalking or infringing any intellectual property rights.
  • Automatic retrieval of data or any other material available on the website to directly or indirectly compile it into a database without the permission of the company.
  • Marketing any of your products or services unless you have the permission to do it by the company.
  • Collecting username or email addresses of the users of our website by any means.
  • Sending junk or marketing mails to other users.
  • Using the password or username of any other use to access the website.
  • Disrupting, interfering, or putting additional burden on the servers of the website.
  • Using the information that you have gained from this website for abusing, harming or harassing any user.
  • Attempting to enter the places on the website where users are not allowed.
  • Using the website in any way that violates the state and federal law. 

Warranty Disclaimer

All the contents available on this website work on an ‘’as is’’ basis and are supposed to be used only for informational and personal reasons. You are not allowed to sell, license, sub-license, distribute, broadcast, transmit or exploit the contents in any possible way unless you have a written permission from us. The rights to use this website do not include any provision to make use of spiders, robots, data mining tools or any other kind of data-gathering or extraction tools unless you have a written permission from us.

Limitation of Liability

The owners of this website along with their affiliates, employees, contractors, contributors and suppliers can never be held responsible for any kind of loss that you might suffer from due to the reasons that arise directly or indirectly in connection to our website. Even when we know about your loss, we are not required to take any preventive measure to support your loss.


We reserve the right to make modifications to this Terms of Use page, but are not obligated to inform individual users about the same. Thus, the users are advised to keep on visiting this page at regular intervals. The ‘Last Revision’ section at the end of the page will inform you about when the policy was last revised.

If you contact us with regards to any queries, suggestion or feedback about this Terms of Use page, please get in touch with us.

Last Revision – (29/2/2016)