Privacy Policy

We, at, are fully committed to protect the safety of our website’s users and have created this Privacy Policy to inform our users about how we collect, store, use and share your personal and non-personal information.

Collection of Personal and Non-Personal Information

We collect both personal and non-personal information of the users on our website. Personal information is the information that we can use to identify individual users, whereas non-personal information cannot be used for identifying individual users. The information that we collect can include, but are not limited to:

  • Details about your browser, operating system and your visit to our website (including your geographic location, IP address, referral link, pages that you visit on our website and how much time you spend on these pages)
  • Your provided information while creating an account on our website (including your name, residential address, email, contact number, etc.)
  • Your provided information while subscribing to our email newsletters (including email, name, preferred language and country)
  • Information that you’ve already sent us. For instance, when you send us a query or comment or post on this website’s pages.

Use of Your Personal and Non-Personal Information

All the personal information that we collect from this website will only be used as per the provisions of this website, and you have the right to NOT share the personal information with us if you don’t want to. We might use your personal information for the following purposes-

  • Carrying out standard administration of our website
  • Improving our users’ experience to provide them with a customized browsing experience
  • Providing you the services offered by our website
  • Resolving your queries related to this website and its services
  • Sending you emails at regular intervals with information regarding our website
  • Sending marketing emails about services and products that you might find interesting. (We will only send you such emails if you have subscribed to our email newsletter services)
  • Sending statistical data about our website to third parties through Google Analytics. (Third parties will also use your information as per the provisions of this Privacy Policy)
  • Ensuring complete security of our website and preventing any kind of fraud
  • If you provide your personal information for the purpose of publication on this website, we will only use that information as per the license that you’ve provided us
  • We will never share your personal information with any third parties who will use it for marketing. However, we will share the information if you have allowed us to do so
  • If we ever need your personal information for any other reason, we will get your consent before collecting such information.

Non-personal information is used by us only for the purpose of understanding how users use our website and we use this information for improving our website and the services offered by us. We also make the use of cookies. Detailed information about our usage policy of cookies is mentioned in the following section of this Privacy Policy page.

Sharing Your Personal Information

We can share your personal information with our officers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors or agents for carrying out their duties as per the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

We can share your personal information under the following circumstances:

  • If it is required by the law
  • For the purpose of exercising or defending the legal rights of our website or any other user of our website
  • To the entity that might purchase our business partially or completely

Apart from the provisions of this Privacy Policy, we will never share your personal information with any other third party. All your personal information is stored on our servers which are secured with reasonable organizational and technical security measures. Only our employees can access your information and that too, only when they need to fulfill any of your requests.

Usage of Cookies

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small identifier files that contain strings of alphabets and numbers. These cookies are sent by our website’s server to your computer system through your web browser. The identifier in these cookies is received by our server every time you visit any part of our website. This allows our server to keep a track of your browsing activities on our website.

We might use both, ‘’session’’ and ‘’persistent’’ cookies on our website. Session cookies get deleted from your system as soon as you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies stay on your system until their expiration.

Session cookies are used by us to track your browsing behavior on our website and improve the security of our website. However, persistent cookies are used to recognize users and keep a track of their preferences. All of these information allow us to provide you with a customized browsing experience on our website.

Apart from us, our affiliate advertisers might also send cookies to your system. They use these cookies to provide you with ads that you might like. While our cookies will be governed by the provisions of this Privacy Policy, we do not provide you with any kind of guarantee about the cookies sent by the advertisers.

Google Analytics play a major role in this entire process. With the help of tools offered by Google Analytics, we can track the activities of the users on our website. Google stores all of these non-personal information of our website’s users. For more information about how Google uses your information, you can go through the Privacy Policy of Google.

We also use DoubleClick DART Cookies on our website. These cookies are used by us to understand how effectively our marketing strategies are working.

If you do not want us to send any kind of cookies to your computer, you can change your browser settings to reject our cookies. However, if you reject our cookies you might not be able to access some parts or services offered by our website.

Third Party and Affiliate Ads

Our website also contains third party links and advertisements. We cannot be held liable for their privacy policies, services, contents or products.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to the provisions of this website, and it is not our responsibility to inform the users individually about the same. Thus, we advise our users to regularly visit this page to know about the changes. The last revision date is available at the bottom of this policy.

In case of any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Last Revision – (29/2/2016)