Genital Warts – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

By | May 22, 2015

What Do Genital Warts Look Like ? How To Get Rid of Genital Warts ?

Genital warts are small flesh colored lesions or bumps on the genital parts of men and women. It is one of the popular types of sexual infections all over the world. Sex workers and people having sex with multiple partners are more likely to develop this infection than others. Genital warts are caused by virus causing itching and discomfort on private parts. Sometime the warts are too small that it cannot be seen by naked eye. Genital warts can sometimes cause cervical cancer in women.

Topical creams and oral pills are given for treating genital warts. Vaccines are also available for preventing genital warts. Genital warts can develop on any age group but it occurs largely between 15-35 years. The warts are contagious and spread to others who have sexual contact with the affected men/women. It is reported that about 20% of the people identified with genital warts will also have any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Genital Warts Symptoms :

Genital warts are found on the walls of vagina and on vulva of women. It can also occur on the region between the anus and external genital organs. In men it would develop on the tip of penis and on the scrotum. People having oral sex can develop genital warts on the throat, mouth and oral cavity.

Genital warts occur in groups or as single wart. They are very small lesions or swellings in the private parts. If they occur in groups they look very much like the shape of small cauliflower. It would cause severe itching and discomfort in the private parts. For some people it would cause pain during sexual intercourse and it may cause bleeding also.

Causes :

Genital warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus HPV. There are several strains of HPV that would attack the genital areas of men and women. Many times the body’s immunity will attack and destroy the HPV thus safeguarding the genitals.

Who are at risk?

Sex workers, people who have unsafe sex with several partners and strangers and people who become sexually active in young ages are more prone to develop genital warts than others. People with a history of other sexual diseases are likely to develop genital warts.

In rare cases HPV infection can cause cervical cancer in women. Certain strains of HPV are known to cause cancerous tumors on the penis, anus, and vulva and even on the oral cavity. It is essential for women to do regular Pap smear tests to rule out any possible infection.

What to expect in your visit to clinic?

Your doctor may ask you series of questions about your symptoms, your sex practice and your recent sexual activity during your visit.

Diagnosis :

Diagnosing genital warts is difficult owing to its size and location. For many people genital warts are not visible to the naked eye and hence the doctor would apply mild acid on the genitals to identify any warts. Pap smear test is done for women to detect any cervical changes and possibility of cancer. A biopsy is done by collecting small tissue sample from the cervix using special instrument. This tissue is tested on the lab using microscope for detecting the presence of virus. Your doctor may also do HPV test on the sample tissue for detecting presence of cervical cancer.

Genital Warts Treatment :

Genital wart that does not cause any discomfort needs no treatment. If you have discomfort and irritation because of genital warts you can visit your doctor to get suitable medications. Topical creams like Aldara or zyclara is effective in destroying genital warts. It would boost the body’s immunity to produce antibodies to fight against genital warts. You should avoid sexual intercourse when you are using this cream.

Some doctors would suggest podophyllin paste for destroying genital warts. Before the initial application of this cream your doctor will take precaution to prevent any irritation on the skin. Pregnant women should not use this cream and it can cause painful sores on the area where genital warts are destroyed. Trichloroacetic acid is used to destroy genital warts but it is advised to consult your doctor before using this acid. Trying self medication and topical creams over genital warts can worsen the condition.

Surgery is done for removing large size warts or cluster of warts. But your doctor will decide whether you are suitable for surgical procedure. Cryotherapy is the first line method used for freezing genital warts on the skin. It would cause swelling and pain but subsequently the skin would heal destroying the lesions. After some days new layer of skin would appear on that area. Electrocautering is done to burn off the warts and your doctor may apply a shot of numbing injection before the procedure. For some people surgical excision is done for cutting off large warts using local anesthesia. Laser beam is applied directly on the warts which would destroy them and fade off after some days.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Genital Warts :

Genital Warts Genital Warts Genital Warts Genital Warts Genital Warts

Prevention :

The best way to prevent getting genital warts is to use condom and practice safe sex. But there are cases reported to develop genital warts even after using condom since it is not 100% safe. Vaccination gardasil is available for protecting HPV causing genital warts. A vaccine by name Cervarix is effective in preventing cervical cancer.

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