About Us

Diseases Lab is an informational website that has been created to aid the users. This website helps in resolving the curiosity of the general public regarding the most basic concerns and queries of their health. For instance, a query like why my left arm is hurting all day long and other similar questions are the most common physical inconveniences that each of us faces every day. Generally, people often face medical problems but they do not wish to visit a health care professional because they believe the particular problem is not serious enough to attract the attention of a doctor. We offer a helping hand to them to diagnose the problem, assess its severity, and understand its risk and treatment options. However, this is a basic analysis and does not eliminate the need of a professional.

Our articles are written by medical writers who know very well what they are writing about. This means that the contents that are uploaded on DiseasesLab.com are authentic and reliable. The readers will not find any irrelevant information on our website.

Contents are presented in the most concise manner, so that the readers do not need to scroll their way up and down to locate the information that they are looking for. Each article of this website is thoroughly researched for their medical authenticity and credibility. The medical writers ensure that the article is well-researched and follows all the norms set by the editors of Diseases Lab. The editorial guidelines of Diseases Lab are quite strict and leave no room for any kind of error. A human life is very precious and we cannot take it lightly. Our editor’s team strives towards perfection and they review the content to ensure that credibility of the content has been maintained.

One should not be confused with an illusion that it is a replacement of professional health care. We encourage the readers to consult the doctor as per their requirement. The sole purpose of Diseases Lab is to provide an insight to their medical issues; however, supervision and advice of a professional cannot be replaced.

Writer’s Profile :

Hi, I am Peterson. I have been a medical writer at Diseases Lab for many years. We have a team of more than 10 experienced medical experts. We research, day and night, on all the queries of the readers and also on the more prevailed diseases. After extensive research and inputs, we proceed to generate the content on chosen topics. Once done, we review each other’s content and provide our inputs for other writers.

Chief Editor Profile :

Hi, my name is Thulasi. I am the chief editor at Diseases Lab. I, with the team of writers, work hard to make sure that our readers get the value of their time and all their medical curiosities are taken care of. We are continuously updating the content of our website to ensure that the readers are never misinformed. We welcome constructive criticism from the readers, so if you have any feedback regarding anything related to DiseasesLab(Dot)com, please let us know.